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A Microbrewery in Your Kitchen? Perfect for an Appliance Garage


We recently posted on appliance garages: And we have just come across a perfect candidate for this application.

If you like gadgets and beer, the Pico from PicoBrew could be just right for you. It is new on the scene and we have only just come across it. So we can’t speak from experience but you will see it has excellent ratings on Amazon.

The Pico offers a Keurig coffee cartridge approach to brewing. It uses “PicoPaks.” These bring beers from microbreweries all over the world right to your kitchen. You put the PicoPak into the machine and it makes the beer.

This machine was featured at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada.

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Were we to design kitchen cabinetry with the Pico Brewery in mind, we would conceal it in an easy to access appliance garage behind a lift-up or tambour door.

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