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Retired Living and Universal Design


The Next Generation of Retired Living Designs

We can’t escape it. None of us. What, you ask? Aging. Despite being in better physical condition than prior generations, the inevitable changes occur led by mobility and vision challenges. Concurrent with this obvious claim is the notable increase in those choosing to “age in place,” by sharing their homes with grown children or their own mentally or physically declining parents.

Safety and comfort, plus Universal Design are key to best serving your aging clients. Bathrooms are key areas wherein mobility can be difficult yet eased by comfort-height toilets, bath bars, step-through tubs, and showers without curbs.

Lighted switches, cover plates, and motion-activated lighting are welcome conveniences and safety features for anyone, particularly with vision impairments or loss.


What exactly is Universal Design?

It’s an architectural science that strives to create environments and products that offer safety and comfort without functional changes, and are ideal for Americans’ increasing number of multi generational households. Such design creates a seamless aging in place experience for the estimated three million people turning 65 each year over the next two decades.

An innovative cabinetry resource, Cabinets of the Desert was formed to be highly responsive to the professional design and installation needs of discerning homeowners. Our collaborative spirit with the Coachella Valley’s premier interior designers, general contractors, realtors and their clients further hones the skills of a dedicated and detail-oriented team to ensure consistent and value-added service on time and on budget. Our healthy and quality crafted cabinets and accessories represent a commitment to superior “front to finish” service that is unmatched.