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Appliance Garages – Clearing Kitchen Counter Clutter


An appliance garage is a customized countertop compartment within the kitchen cabinetry design that can come in many different configurations. Its purpose is to contain and conceal large kitchen appliances.

They are a relatively new phenomenon. In times past kitchens would feature a battery of appliances competing for counter space near an electrical outlet. These would be a coffee maker, tea maker, microwave, toaster, mixer or food processor. They took up a great deal of physical space, looked disorganized and had to be moved around for use.

Nowadays we are designing cabinetry and countertop compartments to provide permanent storage for frequently used appliances. These match the facade of the surrounding cabinetry and contain a dedicated electrical outlet for the assigned appliance.

The specific dimensions of an appliance garage are entirely dependent on its location and the size of the appliance it is intended to house. Due to the custom nature of an appliance garage, most manufactured cabinetry sets will not include this feature. However, we at Cabinets of the Desert are fully capable of designing and installing any appliance garage.

Appliance garages require a permanent sacrifice of countertop space, so it is important that one make that consideration when choosing to add this type of cabinet feature.

For counter top applications, our preference is for a vertical lift up door or roll-up tambour. This is to avoid having a vertically hinged swinging door sweeping across the counter and knocking things over. For base cabinet applications, we like the heavy duty mixer lift by Rev a Shelf. This is incorporated behind a standard cabinet door. Please see the photo display above and check this link: