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   Designers & Contractors

Designers & Contractors

Cabinets of the Desert prides itself on close collaboration with Palm Springs area architects, interior designers, and contractors to ensure that the cabinetry element of a project properly reflects your vision and design intent.

Ed was a successful builder and remodeler before changing his focus to providing and installing high-quality cabinetry. Ed built some of the Desert’s most energy-efficient homes. He also completed many well-regarded remodels at various communities, including Palm Valley Country Club, Sun City Palm Desert, The Lakes Country Club, Monterey Country Club, Chaparral Country Club, Indian Ridge Country Club, The Springs Country Club, and Morningside Country Club.

Cabinetry is a core component of any remodeling project, and as a general contractor, I frequently found dealing with other cabinet suppliers and installers to be a challenging experience. So Cabinets of the Desert was formed to be a cabinetry company that would be truly responsive to the needs of design professionals and contractors.

We interface with architects, interior designers, and contractors in one of two ways:

  1. We can work directly with your existing cabinetry design.
  2. We can produce cabinet designs from scratch based on your general direction.

We have highly experienced kitchen designers on staff.  They produce our cabinetry layout and working drawings. In addition, they will see to it that your vision and design are correctly reflected in the end product.

We also work hard to eliminate those small mistakes with cabinetry that can cause big problems for the project. We have the practical knowledge and experience to enable us to make constructive suggestions to you as the project unfolds, especially as it relates to interface with related plumbing and electrical elements.

We keep a tight grip on our part of the project from front to finish by participating in:

  • Measurement and re-measurement.
  • Design and re-design.
  • Client review & sign-off.
  • Accurate cabinet order placement and confirmation.
  • Scheduling & shipping.
  • Ensuring that the site is ready for us with all related framing, drywall, plumbing, and electrical properly in place.
  • Delivery to site & quality checking of the product.
  • Ensuring quality installation.

We want you-our architect, interior designer, or contractor project partners- to rely on us for peace of mind.

After years of working with the trades as a general contractor, we know the importance of close coordination with the trades and what it takes to be part of the big picture as a team player. We are the go-to cabinet vendor for architects, interior designers, and contractors in the Greater Palm Springs area.