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Bathroom Check List – Wish List

This Bathroom Check List – Wish List is supplemental to our Remodel Check List – Wish List. And, again, it is all about you. Please use it as a tool to generate your own ideas as to how your new bathroom(s) should look and perform. The list was developed by the principals at Cabinets of the Desert when they were remodeling contractors.

Your home may have a number of bathrooms, which may include the master bathroom, guest bathroom and powder room. So not all questions will apply alike. For this purpose we will consider the main or master bathroom and scale back or adapt the thoughts developed to the others.

Off the top of your head, what are the three topics that come immediately to mind when you think of your bathroom remodel?

Please highlight or circle words in the text that get a reaction either positively or negatively. Please add comment in the margin.

USE OF BATHROOMIs the bathroom for personal or guest use? Are there special needs which need to be addressed now or in the future? (height, disabilities, children, etc.)Do you need to accommodate any non-traditional activities? (laundry or washing pets, etc.)How much storage is required?


Is the existing bathroom large enough?

Have you considered changing the location of doors and windows?

Does the bathroom relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?

Is there enough/any natural light in your existing space?

Could the windows be better located?

Would you add a skylight / solar tube?

Ceilings: right height, too low, too high?

Add an additional shower or tub?

Add noise barrier to the outside from within the bathroom?


Toilet (compartmentalized from rest of bathroom); pedestal toilet or wall mount; separate tub and shower or a tub shower combination; pedestal lavatories (sinks); shower for one person; shower for two; standard bathtub; whirlpool-style bathtub for one; whirlpool-style bathtub for two; fixed shower heads; adjustable shower heads; multiple shower heads; body sprays/jets; bidet; other.

Preferred shower features: grab bars; bench seat; body sprays; handheld faucet.

Shower with or without dam (threshold, step, curb).

Shower enclosure designed as walk-in (no door) or with door.

Preferred tub features: grab bars; handheld faucet; pillow; heater; other.


Cabinets with a well-organized storage system?

Storage space for grooming equipment?

Salon style housing for hair blowers, curling irons, w/ electrical outlet?

Adequate number of towel bars?

Convenient place for soaps and shampoos in the shower and/or tub area?

Towel / linen storage in or near the bathroom?

Storage for cleaning supplies in your bathroom?

Would you add storage systems to your walk-in/ bedroom closets to complement your bathroom project?


Does the existing air conditioning system operate adequately?

How old is your water heater? Is the water temperature adequate? Would you consider changing to an energy efficient tankless heater?

Is there sufficient mechanical ventilation / exhaust fan to prevent moisture accumulation?

Do you object to hearing a fan while in the bathroom?

What do you know about water usage in your current fixtures? Gallons/flush in toilet? Gallons/minute in shower head?

Are all the electrical outlets protected with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) to prevent electrical shock?

Do you have enough electrical outlets?

Are they in the right places?


Does the lighting arrangement suit the uses of the bathroom? Think of task (e.g., make up, shaving, reading) vs. ambient lighting. Is the lighting adequate?

Does the lighting generate too much heat?

What quality of light would you like in your space? And for what tasks? Natural; incandescent; compact fluorescent; LED; a combination.

Preferred lighting arrangement: Exhaust/light(s); sconces above lavatories; recessed, general lighting; heat lamp(s); other.


Cabinetry for vanities: Single or double vanity; recessed medicine cabinets; 3-way mirrors; knee recess / makeup mirror.

If you are replacing your cabinets, what type of facing material do you prefer? Wood (type); painted; stained; paint or stain wash; laminate; thermofoil.

What cabinet door styles do you prefer? Plain front; raised panels; arched panels; recessed panels; glass fronts; self-closing doors /drawers.

Countertops for vanities: Ceramic or granite tile, stone, granite slab, laminate, other.

Vanity Backsplashes: Ceramic or granite tile, stone, granite slab, laminate, other.

Lavatory (sink) material: Single or double, porcelain, Integral solid surface, stainless, self-rimming above counter, under mount, vessel, other (pedestal sink for powder room?)

Flooring: Ceramic tile, stone, wood (hardwood, cork, bamboo), vinyl, other.

Faucet finish: Chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, chrome and brass,  oil rubbed bronze, antique copper, polished brass, other.

Shower and tub surrounds: Ceramic or granite tile, stone, granite slab

Shower stall: with or without dam? Non slip?

Preferred shower enclosure: frosted glass, glass block, obscure glass, etched glass, clear glass, no glass.

Color Preferences: Paint color to complement your choice of hard finishes (countertops and tub / shower surrounds).


Depending on the layout of your home it may be possible to add a bathroom without adding to the building footprint by, for example, partially converting a laundry room into a powder room. Would you like to consider that?

Have you made a sketch of your bathroom or collected magazine clippings etc to illustrate your bathroom vision? We suggest