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Bathroom Remodel Checklist  

This Bathroom Remodel Checklist is a tool to help generate ideas for how you want your bathroom to look and perform. It will also help you and your designer select, layout, and design the bath cabinetry. You can copy or print out this checklist. Then, feel free to bring the completed checklist to our showroom or meet to go over the items with us, your designer, or your general contractor. 

What Would You Say Your Goal is For Your Bathroom Renovation? (check all that apply.)

  • Meet your and your family’s evolving needs (children, aging-in-place)
  • Improve functionality and convenience
  • Upgrade to suit your style and/or replace aging finishes
  • Boost your home’s resale value
  • Increase energy & water savings, and minimize maintenance and household costs

In this section, we will look at how you use–or would like to be able to use your bath. Add notes here to help figure out what functionality you would like to add to your bathroom. For example, your home may have several bathrooms, including a master, guest, or powder room. We will consider these separately below. 

Main Bathroom Function

Renovating (circle or highlight all that apply):

Primary users are:

Number of users:

Secondary Activities and Amenities

Are there any other uses you would like incorporated into your bathroom planning? (highlight or circle all that apply):

In this section, we will look at the current structure of your bathroom and decide if there are changes you would like to make. Take some notes with these questions as prompts. 


Does any plumbing (supply lines and waste) need to be moved to accommodate the cabinetry, or does the cabinetry need to conform to existing plumbing? Will there need to be additional plumbing? Does your water heater need to be replaced? 



Does any wiring need to be moved to accommodate the cabinetry, or does the cabinetry need to conform to existing electrical? Are all electrical outlets protected with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) to prevent electric shock? Are the switches where you would like them to be? Do you have enough outlets? Does the exhaust fan work adequately? Would you like a heat lamp? Do you need additional task lighting (for make-up, shaving, reading)? 



Is the existing bathroom large enough? Would you like to change the location of the windows, doors, partition walls? Add a separate water closet room or separate shower? Bring in greater light and a greater feeling of space in another way – such as a skylight or solar tube? 



Following is a list of desired fixtures you might want to incorporate. Highlight or circle all that apply.


Style, Appearance, and Finishes 

In this section, we get to the fun part. Choosing the style and finishes for your new cabinets. We also cover practical storage considerations to make your new cabinetry and bathroom functional and useful. 

How would you describe your style? Modern and sleek. Transitional with some detailing. Or more formal and traditional? 

What cabinet door styles do you prefer? Sleek European slab doors, Shaker 5-Panel doors, Beadboard, Louvered, Glass inset, Arched, or Inset with fine furniture detailing? 

What finishes do you like? Laminate, wood, painted? A combination? 

Is there a color you prefer? Bright white, mid-tones, natural wood, deeper or black? A combination? Colors to avoid? 

Functional Considerations

  • What vanity depth do you want? 21″ or 24″?
  • What vanity height do you want? 32″ or 34 1/2” (excludes countertop).
  • Do you want a make-up counter (knee drawer vanity), single or double sink vanity, or multiple vanities? Centered sink or off to one side? Pedestal sink?
  • Do you need wheelchair access to your sinks?
  • Do you want a suspended vanity (cantilevered from the wall)?
  • Do you need extra countertop space?
  • Do you prefer drawers or cabinets for under counter storage?

Special Storage to Consider. (highlight or circle all that apply:)

Rounding out with a look at the other material and finish choices you might be making as part of your bath renovation. You will want your flooring, countertop, and backsplash choices to coordinate with your cabinetry choices. We have designer-created boards to get you started. We can also check out cabinet door and finish samples for you to take shopping. 

Countertop Material:

Corian, granite, quartz, quartzite, tile, slate, stone, stainless steel, laminate, butcher block, concrete – other?


Matching the countertop, wallpaper, paint, tile?


Tile, stone, wood (hardwood, cork, bamboo), vinyl, concrete, laminate?

Sink Material:

Stainless, porcelain, quartz, ceramic? Undermount, drop-in, vessel, or pedestal? 

Faucet Finish:

Chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, matte black, brass? 


Pendant lights, recessed, task, under cabinet, or in cabinet lighting?


Matched to the faucet, recessed, polished, matte, chrome, brass, black, bronze, gold? 

We want to share a couple of other helpful resources. First, we have created a budget worksheet to help you calculate expenses. And check out our Kitchen Remodel Checklist if you are also replacing cabinetry there as part of a renovation. Additionally, we have blogs on choosing cabinetry, kitchen layouts, wood, and finishes. Finally, Houzz, Pinterest, and Instagram are useful sources for visual inspiration. 

So, as mentioned above, please feel free to bring this checklist into our Palm Desert showroom along with a sketch or magazine clippings or Pinterest boards that illustrate your bath vision, and we will get started!