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Bathroom Remodeling Transitional Double Vanity

The modern bathroom has moved far beyond being a more or less private utility room with a couple of plumbing fixtures. After the kitchen, the bathroom is now one of the most important rooms in the home. The bathroom is now taking on the character of a private spa, a luxurious and comfortable retreat, a place to relax in peace and quiet and style. It is where we start and end the day.

Bathrooms should be beautiful as well as functional and durable. Cabinets from Cabinets of the Desert will certainly help you with this.

Simple improvements, such as new fixtures, can change the look of your bathroom. And for this perhaps all you need is a handyman or plumber.

But for truly transformational changes you need a professional remodeler, who will have the ability to rearrange the entire bathroom space and perhaps more. For example, they might be able to “borrow” space from an oversized closet to create the beautiful master suite of your dreams.


The key to a successful bathroom remodel is developing an appropriate scope of work and the selection of materials and products. Please refer to our Bathroom Check List. You might also want to look at our General Remodel Check List for an overall look at planning a remodel.

Bear in mind that when developing a budget for a bathroom remodel the single major factor affecting the budget is the cost of the finishes and fixtures you choose. The cost of the labor does not change.

We can not only help you with bathroom cabinetry, our Certified Kitchen & Bathroom designer can help you with bathroom floor tile, tile shower enclosures (with ceramic, metal or stone accents), glass shower doors, bathtubs, Jacuzzi or spa tubs, tile bathtub surrounds (with ceramic, metal or stone accents), bathroom sinks, faucets, toilet fixtures, granite, marble and composite counter surfaces, and bathroom lighting.