Trending Kitchen Design Elements

Your Short List of Trending Kitchen Design Elements Have an eye on design? Chances are that as a leading general contractor, you’re focused on construction plans, sustainable materials and bottom line costs. As a proven partner in what’s trending in kitchen designs, here is a short list of popular kitchen design elements that will [...]

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Italian Kitchen Cabinetry

Italy Opens Its Doors Many of us know, firsthand, about the unrivaled food and wine that’s synonymous with Italy. Its art and history are also among the most notable in the world. Yet, how much do you recognize Italian kitchen cabinetry? Join Cabinets of the Desert’s Ed Pedalino and his wife, Barbara, on their [...]

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Home Design Preferences for Millennial’s

It’s A Wash for Millennial's in Home Design PreferencesBorn between 1982 – 2004, Millennial's are increasingly influencing housing trends, and you might be surprised at what they’re looking for.When surveyed nationwide, laundry rooms topped their list of preferred design features in predictably open floor plans with smart home featuresand energy-efficient upgrades.Joining the leading amenities for [...]

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Designs on Your Bottom Line

We Have Designs on Your Bottom Line  Is your workflow steady, but your bottom line diminishing? You’re not alone. Contributing to this trend is more than one key issue. Changing technologies that extend the life of select materials coupled with today’s more open design preferences are resulting in longer lasting home features [...]

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Wall Lighting

Shining A Light on Bright Ideas for WallsAs unique as the vast desert landscape’s hues and formations is a new generation of wall lighting that will shine a light on your clients’ distinctive residences. With studies revealing the connection between emotion and ambient brightness, the brighter the light, the more intense one’s emotions become. Both [...]

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Contemporary Bathrooms

Just A Dream? Not These Trending Bathrooms. As pressures outside of our homes rise, the desire for more calming areas within our homes is becoming equally high. Among the leading spaces for refuge is, not surprisingly, dream baths. No longer a quick stop along the way to starting or ending hectic days, but today’s spa-like [...]

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Retired Living and Universal Design

The Next Generation of Retired Living DesignsWe can’t escape it. None of us. What, you ask? Aging. Despite being in better physical condition than prior generations, the inevitable changes occur led by mobility and vision challenges. Concurrent with this obvious claim is the notable increase in those choosing to “age in place,” by sharing their [...]

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Kohler Intelligent Toilets

You’ll Want to Sit for This – A New Generation of Intelligent Toilets In step with the evolution of countless smart home amenities is a selection of sleek and extraordinary toilets. Yes, toilets. No longer for just the most elite of home owners, but more attainable and ergonomically designed for ultimate cleansing and comfort. [...]

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Modern Kitchens Range Hoods

A Wide Range In Modern Kitchens Satisfying the weekend gourmet and farm-to-table connoisseurs is the wide range of hoods in today’s chef-friendly kitchens. Patterned as smart as they are eye-catching is a variety of select range hoods to accommodate any particular client and home style. Greasy bacon? Minimize smoke. Burnt on spills? Quick release [...]

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Style Meets Substance

Becoming as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, modern kitchen and bathroom cabinets are evolving with distinctive style and substance. Of course, with space and storage leading the way in purpose, contemporary cabinet designs are more artfully blended with such present-day designs as contemporary, mid-century modern, transitional and traditional elements. Not your grandmother’s cabinetry, [...]

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