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Kitchen Cabinets

Custom White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets - Cabinets of the Desert

White Kitchen Cabinets

How to Choose the Perfect White Kitchen Cabinets As you plan your kitchen remodel, you may be wondering, “Are white kitchen cabinets a good idea?” In the ever-changing world of kitchen design, white cabinetry is a classic choice. It is both neutral and versatile.  Whether your taste is for a sleek modern look, modern farmhouse, or traditional style, white cabinetry effortlessly adapts, transcending trends. In this blog, we’ll help you decide if white kitchen cabinets are the right choice for your home. You will learn how to incorporate them into your kitchen design and tips… Read More »White Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

Know Before You Go We’ve talked about what makes a quality build for a cabinet box and what materials are used in cabinet building.  Next up is the fun part – choosing from the different kitchen cabinet door styles.  Which style is right for you? The door style you choose will set the overall design for your kitchen.  Is your dream kitchen sleek contemporary, chic transitional, warm traditional?  Maybe you have always wanted display space for a collection, island/urban look louvers, or a farmhouse kitchen with rustic beadboard doors.  Let’s look at the types of cabinet… Read More »Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles


Kitchen Cabinets – Aging-in-Place

We have covered Aging-in-Place generally elsewhere on this site. Please see This blog addresses how the principles of Universal Design, which make kitchens “age-friendly,” specifically apply to the design and accessorizing of cabinetry. We start with the sink, which is where a great deal of kitchen work happens. Here cabinetry is designed to leave a space below the sink to allow a wheel chair to approach closely. If desired, doors can be attached to the front to improve the look of this arrangement. The sink itself can be fixed or motorized to make it adjustable.… Read More »Kitchen Cabinets – Aging-in-Place


Promoting Health & Hygiene in the Kitchen

The inclusion of products and materials that create an environment hostile to bacteria, fungus and mold is not an idea that should be the exclusive province of hospitals, nursing homes and the hospitality industry. It makes excellent sense for domestic kitchens too. The key is in the selection of non-porous surfaces, especially for countertops. This means avoiding wood, such as butcher block, and avoiding natural stone, such as granite. Both of these materials are full of pores and fissures, making them an ideal environment for bacteria looking for a place to live with food, moisture… Read More »Promoting Health & Hygiene in the Kitchen


Elkay’s Quartz Luxe Collection of Sinks

When choosing your kitchen cabinetry and counter top material, be mindful of the type of sink you will install. Elkay’s Luxe sink is a lighter weight alternative to the standard enameled cast iron. It comes in a variety of configurations and is made from a stain and scratch resistant blend of stone and acrylic resin all reinforced with fiberglass. The micro-fine quartz material used is smooth and non-porous. It will repel dirt, food, liquid and stains and will prevent the spread of bacteria. This sink comes in a number of different configurations and a variety… Read More »Elkay’s Quartz Luxe Collection of Sinks


Beautiful PGA West Kitchen

Cabinets of the Desert provided and installed the cabinets for this beautiful PGA West kitchen. The wall cabinets are in the Urban shaker style in a soft white paint.   The island cabinets are also in the shaker style but in a contrasting walnut stain.


Rancho Mirage Condo Kitchen

Cabinets of the Desert recently installed cabinetry in a small kitchen in Rancho Mirage. The door style is Marconi Shaker, stain is Tawny and the wood species Pacific Maple. The condo owners are very happy with the result.


Toe Kick Storage

It’s out of sight and out of mind. But, everywhere you have a base cabinet, you have an unused cavity below in the space behind the toe kick. This provides an opportunity to create storage. Yes, it’s pretty shallow and you have to stoop but a toe kick drawer is perfect for less frequently used kitchen utensils, or only occasionally used platters (think Thanksgiving turkey), or emergency supplies like candles, batteries and flash lights. And don’t forget Fido. A toe kick drawer is also perfect for keeping pet food dishes contained and out of sight… Read More »Toe Kick Storage


K-Cup Organizer by Rev-A-Shelf

Rev-A-Shelf has come up with a 30 K-Cup organizer. This is a solid wood insert that simply drops into a standard 18″ or 24″ cabinet drawer. Or it can be trimmed down to any size you want. Your single serve coffee maker is a great piece of equipment but now you do not have to put up with the typical K-Cup clutter that typically goes with it. You can find this organizer at the Rev-A-Shelf website here.


Zero-G Suspended Wine System

This is very cool. The Zero-G Suspended Wine System by Vinotemp creates the illusion of wine bottles floating in space, while at the same time keeping them securely in place. This wine racking system comprises an arrangement of handcrafted white oak blocks and aluminum tubing.  This bottle storage system is completely customizable to accommodate individual storage needs and the space available. It comes in a variety of stain and paint color options. Vinotemp has many other wine storage options. Please click here for their website (