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We recently featured the Sous Vide for precision and reliable cooking. The Sous Vide is precise because of the consistent temperature of the water bath. In fact it is often referred to as a water oven. Now enter Cinder, billed as the world’s first precision cooker.  This ultra precise griddle picks up where sous vide left off. It’s a precision griddle that claims it cooks food to an exact temperature, then holds it at that temperature without continuing to cook the food, until you are ready to eat. Unlike traditional Sous Vide, Cinder can sear, caramelize and sauté. With the Sous Vide, this last step is what you have to do manually.

Serious Eats reports that Cinder nearly eliminates the grease spatters and smoke you typically get when cooking things like hamburgers.  Their review is at this link:

Cinder is brand new and just at the end of development and testing. We have not seen it first hand but it is supposed to be ready to ship this year.

Here is the Cinder link: