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Contemporary Bathrooms


Just A Dream? Not These Trending Bathrooms.

As pressures outside of our homes rise, the desire for more calming areas within our homes is becoming equally high. Among the leading spaces for refuge is, not surprisingly, dream baths. No longer a quick stop along the way to starting or ending hectic days, but today’s spa-like bathrooms blend high function with welcome relaxation for the ultimate luxury experience.

One of the more illuminating aspects to contemporary bathrooms are Bluetooth mirrors that connect to smartphones and tablets with built-in lighting, speakers and defogging capabilities, surrounded by splashes of color in vanity cabinetry, tile and even more prevalent fixtures.

Naturally, and particularly with California’s Green codes, sustainability is integrated into trending designs that showcase water conserving steam showers that require less than two gallons per 20 minutes, plus more stylized toilets that consume no more than 1.25 gallons of water per flush.


Not only does a growing number of consumers seek a smaller consumption footprint, but a more organic feel to their sustainable bath surroundings, and ones that are free of harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the materials used to create each indulging space. Natural yet intricate woodwork is ideal for supporting eco-friendly designs, while connecting clients with the calmness of nature whenever possible.

Lastly, the CleanCabinet is the smartest option yet to automatically sanitize toothbrushes and other toiletries with a UV light. Its Wi-Fi enabled function can be programmed to sanitize on a custom schedule.

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