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Current Kitchen Design Trends

Current Kitchen Design Trends Warm Modern Cabinets of the Desert

Beyond Bland: A Look at Current Kitchen Trends

Picture this: Your kitchen isn’t a sterile white box, but a vibrant mix of natural textured cabinets mixed with the warmth of creamy quartz countertops. Sunlight streams through oversized windows, illuminating the aerodynamic range hood, its sleek lines punctuating a warm and modern space. This kitchen is designed for both enjoying quiet morning coffee and hosting friends and family for celebrations. This kitchen’s design tells a story of serenity, warmth, and welcome. 

This year, kitchens are ditching all-white monotony and embracing a new, warm, modern aesthetic. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) 2024 Trends Report, homeowners want spaces that reflect their unique style, with 74% seeking kitchens that tell a design story. But how do you translate that desire into a cohesive and functional reality? Let’s look at the newest kitchen trends and discover how you can incorporate them into your dream kitchen.

Navy Blue Kitchen Island Cabinets of the Desert

Kitchen Design Trend: Islands of Color

Homeowners are choosing larger kitchen islands, often finished with a complementary cabinet color. Over 42% now opt for islands exceeding seven feet long, a 10% increase since 2020 (Houzz 2024 Kitchen Trends Study). Islands are spacious kitchen hubs in today’s kitchens for entertaining, dining, working, and storage.

While white remains the dominant choice in cabinetry color (46%), other options are gaining ground. Wood tones hold steady at 25%. For islands that stand out from the main cabinets, blue remains a popular choice at 25%, but interestingly, green is experiencing a surge in popularity, jumping from 5% to 10% this year. This suggests a growing desire for accent color and personality in kitchen design. 

Overall, these two trends showcase homeowners’ requests for islands that are not just functional but also expressive, reflecting the homeowner’s unique style and facilitating social interaction.

Kitchen Design Trend: Texture Takes Center Stage:

According to a Pinterest report from late 2023, people are increasingly searching for textured and natural kitchens. The report indicates a 124% increase in searches for this type of kitchen design. You can incorporate warm whites, fresh greens, and wood tones to create a natural and welcoming atmosphere. To continue the natural theme, high-textured wood can be used for cabinets. It’s not just about the color of the kitchen but also about the warmth and texture of the design.

In addition, a desire for sustainable and easy-to-maintain choices has led many homeowners to choose new materials for their cabinets, including acrylic finishes and textured laminates. Cabinets of the Desert Owner Ed Pedalino has sourced Southern California-based cabinet manufacturers to work with the leading European laminate materials available today. These technologically advanced panels offer excellent physical and mechanical performance, come in hundreds of texture and color combinations, and include Cleaf, Stylelite, Lioher, and Salt offerings. Check out our Modern Collection page, or come by our showroom to imagine the design possibilities. 

DZ-Crescent-Creamair-Textured-Greige-Kitchen-Cabinetry at Cabinets-of-the Desert
Coffee Bar Current Kitchen Design Trend Cabinets of the Desert

Kitchen Design Trend: Personalized Choices

Finally, homeowners are choosing details to finish their kitchens that suit their personalized needs– whether that is the satisfaction of a deep farmhouse sink, well-curated lighting, or dedicated space for coffee and cocktail bars. 

According to the NKBA report, beverage stations are the most popular design feature that kitchen designers expect will be in high demand with their clients in the next few years. People are now looking for designated kitchen areas to pour wine, make coffee, or blend smoothies. Dedicated pantries are the next most requested kitchen personalization. 

Also, homeowners increasingly opt for high-tech appliances with touchscreen displays, smart-home connectivity, and built-in apps and cameras. Homeowners prefer appliances that can be controlled using smartphones and tablets and have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing them to share grocery lists and digitally plan meals.

Beyond the Trends: Crafting YOUR Dream Kitchen

Sure, trends inspire, but your kitchen should reflect you. Cabinets of the Desert gets that. We don’t just sell cabinets; we collaborate with you to turn your vision into a functional reality. From material selection to hardware accents to vendor recommendations, our sales and design specialists guide you through every step, ensuring your kitchen suits your budget and needs.

Ready to embark on your kitchen design adventure?  Contact Cabinets of the Desert today or stop by our showroom, and we can help you design your dream kitchen!