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Details + Finishes 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and a space you use every day. These blogs cover all the details that will make your kitchen both functional and beautiful – including the kitchen sink!  You will find information on faucets, specialty gemstone tiles, modern range hoods, and the types of natural woods used in kitchen cabinets – including maple, cherry, birch, alder, and knotty alder.  

Complete your dream kitchen by choosing the details and finishes that will make it uniquely yours. 

If you’d like to see these options in person, come by our Palm Desert cabinet showroom. You can view hundreds of door styles and finishes, see designer boards with countertop and backsplash options and check out a door sample to take home. 

  • Clear Alder and Knotty Alder
    Clear Alder and Knotty Alder What is Alder Wood? Alder is a fast-growing deciduous (annual leaf-shedding) tree and a member of the birch family. It thrives near rivers and streams from the Great Plains to the Western part of the U.S., Northern Europe, and parts of the Middle East and Eastern Africa. Alder trees are grown for their wood, medicine, decorative bark, and catkins.  What Are the Types of Alder Wood? Clear Alder is a light hardwood with no knots, having a grain pattern similar… Read More »Clear Alder and Knotty Alder
  • Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
    Natural wood kitchen cabinets offer several positives not found with other materials. Our modern kitchens use stainless steel and glossy finishes. The natural warmth, texture, and durability of wood provides the perfect visual contrast. Also, any well-built quality wood cabinet will last for decades.  Plus, they can be stained to highlight the wood grain or painted to a smooth, lasting finish. Following is an overview of the available hardwood choices we have for your kitchen cabinets. Alder Alder wood is native to the Pacific Northwest… Read More »Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wall Lighting
    Shining A Light on Bright Ideas for Walls As unique as the vast desert landscape’s hues and formations is a new generation of wall lighting that will shine a light on your clients’ distinctive residences. With studies revealing the connection between emotion and ambient brightness, the brighter the light, the more intense one’s emotions become. Both the intensity and the color of light affect people’s moods. Of course, the lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does its perceived… Read More »Wall Lighting
  • Contemporary Bathrooms
    Just A Dream? Not These Trending Bathrooms. As pressures outside of our homes rise, the desire for more calming areas within our homes is becoming equally high. Among the leading spaces for refuge is, not surprisingly, dream baths. No longer a quick stop along the way to starting or ending hectic days, but today’s spa-like bathrooms blend high function with welcome relaxation for the ultimate luxury experience. One of the more illuminating aspects to contemporary bathrooms are Bluetooth mirrors that connect to smartphones and tablets… Read More »Contemporary Bathrooms
  • Kohler Intelligent Toilets
    You’ll Want to Sit for This – A New Generation of Intelligent Toilets In step with the evolution of countless smart home amenities is a selection of sleek and extraordinary toilets. Yes, toilets. No longer for just the most elite of home owners, but more attainable and ergonomically designed for ultimate cleansing and comfort.Industry leader Kohler presents its latest line of intelligent, one-piece toilets ranging from $4,000 to over $10,000 in standard and comfort heights with sophisticated flushing technology, touchless features, LED lighting, automatic deodorization… Read More »Kohler Intelligent Toilets
  • Modern Kitchens Range Hoods
    A Wide Range In Modern Kitchens Satisfying the weekend gourmet and farm-to-table connoisseurs is the wide range of hoods in today’s chef-friendly kitchens. Patterned as smart as they are eye-catching is a variety of select range hoods to accommodate any particular client and home style. Greasy bacon? Minimize smoke. Burnt on spills? Quick release filters offer easy maintenance, plus more. Whether cooking breakfast for two or entertaining 10, the Fotile W Pro EMG9030 range hood is designed with a self-adjusting, wing-style surround suction plate that… Read More »Modern Kitchens Range Hoods
  • Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery
    Cabinets of the Desert recently had the privilege of being invited to install cabinetry for a kitchen appliance display at the Ferguson showroom in Rancho Mirage. Please visit the Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery at 72060 Highway 111 or go to
  • Red and White Birch
    Birch is a medium density hardwood with a tight grain and smooth surface texture. It takes paints and stains very well. Also birch trees are in plentiful supply, making this choice of wood relatively inexpensive compared to, say, cherry. Red and white birch are not different species. They in fact come from the same Yellow Birch tree.  However, red birch is the heartwood of the tree, while white birch is from the sapwood. The heartwood varies in color from medium brown to dark or reddish… Read More »Red and White Birch
  • Cabinet Wood Species – Cherry
    Cherry is a multicolored hardwood. It is characterized by red undertones but varies in color from white to a deep rich brown. Because cherry wood is light sensitive, it will darken with age. This gives the species a rich, warm and lustrous patina. This characteristic makes cherry wood cabinets much sought after. Cherry has a smooth, close-grained appearance with a fairly uniform texture and random markings. While small pin knots, streaks and gum pockets are common, these lend character to the wood. The generally even… Read More »Cabinet Wood Species – Cherry
  • Cabinet Wood Species: Maple
    This is the second in our series of occasional posts on the various species of wood that are used in the manufacture of cabinetry. Maple is a medium to hard close grained wood with a straight, wavy or curly grain. In its natural state it is off- white in color. It may also have light brown and pink hues. Occasionally there will be some mineral veining that will darken staining. Maple is popular for its durability and shock resistance. It generally has a light, uniform appearance… Read More »Cabinet Wood Species: Maple
  • Trends in Kitchen Sinks
    The kitchen sink is the hardest worked feature in any kitchen. It needs to be functional and durable, while being at the same time a stylish addition to your kitchen design. Today’s sinks come in a wide variety shapes, sizes and materials and can include accessories such as cutting boards, utensil trays, drying racks and colanders. In the slideshow above you will see: 1. Twin sinks The primary sink is accompanied by a prep sink. This is by Kohler: 2.  Seamless Integrated Quartz Sink:… Read More »Trends in Kitchen Sinks
  • High End Style for Mid Range Kitchens
    The heavy duty look, feel and style of a high end Wolf, Viking, Sub-Zero or Thermidor is now coming to mainstream, mid-level appliance brands. These include heavier style handles on the oven and refrigerator and larger knobs for the range. An example of this “Pro Style” look is to be found in Frigidaire’s Professional Collection. You can find it at this link: The high end look has been popularized by its appearance on luxury home and cooking shows. Consumers were demanding it and the… Read More »High End Style for Mid Range Kitchens
  • Marrakesh Series by Arizona Tile
    Our business partners, Arizona Tile, have introduced their new Marrakesh Series of tile. These 8″ x 8″ tiles look hand-painted and are offered in ceramic or porcelain, depending on the finish. They are available in grey and color mixes and glossy and matte finishes. Please go here ( for much more. We found the Marrakesh Series at the latest NAHB Show in Las Vegas.
  • Graff Luna Faucet – Award Winning Design
    Graff won Interior Design Best of Year Award in the Bath section with its Luna faucet. It is available with wall mounted or deck mounted handles.  The collection includes a shower column that mimics the curve of the faucet spout. It is available in polished chrome and Steelnox finger-print proof finishes. Visit Graff here (
  • Gemstone Tile at Dwell on Design
    As cabinet people we come across dozens of different types of tile and hundreds of different designs. Some are great, some not so. But at the Dwell on Design show we were totally blown away by Gemstone Tile LLC’s product. Their raw material is turquoise from the Kingman Mine in Arizona, which produces some 500 variations of this natural blue-green material. It becomes a beautiful handcrafted tile for the luxury – and deep pocketed – market. All orders are custom made for the individual client.… Read More »Gemstone Tile at Dwell on Design