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Docking Drawer: The In-Drawer Power Outlet

Kitchen Docking Drawer Cabinets of the Desert

Organize and Store Your Electronic and Tech Devices

Get control of your electrical clutter with the Docking Drawer. You can get all your cords, chargers, hair dryers, iPhones, iPads, etc.,off your countertops and out of the way with the Docking Drawer. It comes in a variety of configurations and is UL-approved. In-drawer outlets provide a designated place to connect all your devices and can make your space more functional. You will never wonder where your phone charger is again! 

Docking Drawer In-Drawer Outlets-
Safe and Simple to Install

The Docking Drawer device is simple, consisting of a power strip the correct size to be fitted at the back of any cabinet or drawer using basic power tools. Safety features include a built-in UL-listed thermostat that will cut power to the device if it senses overheating. 

You can also ask your kitchen and bath designer to specify an optional Interlock Box. This setup removes power to the outlet when the drawer starts to close. For additional safety, you might want to use this version in bath installation that includes hair dryers, flat irons, or curling irons.

Bath Docking Drawer Cabinets of the Desert
Docking Drawer Cabinets of the Desert

Docking Drawer Uses Throughout the Home

The photo at left shows a sample of the Docking Drawer and internal mechanisms viewable at our showroom. We have a highlight blog on kitchen charging stations that will show you how to use the device to organize kitchen tech and small appliances. You will find some great ideas to share with your kitchen designer.

Besides the kitchen, the Docking Door can be functional in the bath, office, closet, bedroom, and living room, too–anywhere you might want to install cabinetry. Their website has a room-by-room inspiration gallery that is worth a look too.