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Getting Cabinets Handled


Once you have your cabinets selected, what about the hardware?

Choosing hardware is not as simple as you might think. There is a lot to consider and here are some things to think about to make sure you make the right selection out of the vast number of choices available to you. Remember, you will be looking at, touching and feeling the hardware every day for a long time.

Knobs or pulls: Knobs are attached to a cabinet door or drawer front with a single screw/attachment point. Pulls are attached to a cabinet door or drawer front with two (occasionally three) screws/attachment points. A popular option is to place knobs on doors and have pulls of the same style on drawers.

Style, material, color and finish: Cabinet hardware has an ornamental as well as practical function. Your selection should enhance the appearance of your cabinets and also be in harmony with your appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Practicality: Make sure that the knob or pull you choose is easy to grasp. This is important for the older among us who may have arthritic fingers. Also bear in mind that cabinet pulls are easier to grasp than knobs. And watch out for those knobs and pulls that just seem designed to catch and tear at clothing.

Comfort and feel: Make sure that the knob or pull you choose is comfortable to grasp. For example, a pull may have an angular as opposed to rounded underside. The rounded underside is more comfortable to the hand.

Cost: Typically you can expect to pay between $4 and $20 per piece for hardware. Some exotic hardware can run into the $100s per piece.

Try it first: Get samples. Hold them up to your cabinets before you make a final decision.

Buy more than you need: Prepare for the future. Styles come and go and you need to be prepared for failure or breakage down the road. Make sure you have replacement hardware on hand.

Where to buy: Come to our showroom. Cabinets of the Desert has an extensive display of knobs and pulls. Part of our hardware display is in the photograph above. We represent Top Knobs, Jeffrey Alexander and Atlas. Or you can go online:,,