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Hardware + Storage

If you’re like most people, your kitchen is one of the most active places in your home, with many different appliances and storage containers taking up valuable space on your countertops, 

In this section, you will find information about pull-down spice racks, blind corner cabinet solutions, kitchen garbage and recycling solutions, and even docking drawers with power outlets that create a kitchen charging station to help you organize your kitchen and keep clean and clutter-free

Looking to clear visual clutter too?  Check out the options for concealed cabinet handles and specialty appliance garages.  

Want to see these solutions in person?  Come by our Palm Desert cabinet showroom and try out the storage options yourself!

  • Kitchen Storage: 3 Smart Ideas
    The featured photo above highlights the kitchen storage display at our showroom. We recently remodeled to install dozens of storage options for you to see and try. Every open door and drawer above contains a storage discovery. Come by and give them all a try. Consider our line-up of kitchen storage solutions below as a starting point. Spice Things Up Small items like individual spice jars are often the hardest to organize in a kitchen. Also, spices last longer when stored away from light in… Read More »Kitchen Storage: 3 Smart Ideas
  • The New Galley Kitchen
    A galley kitchen consists of two rows of cabinetry that face one another with a walkway between. It can be enclosed or open. This layout takes its name from the kitchen spaces in ships, trains, or planes. This kitchen layout is all about efficiency and wise use of available space. This classic kitchen layout can be one of the simplest and most versatile layout choices. The layout can work in larger spaces as well. As shown in the featured kitchen above from our partners at… Read More »The New Galley Kitchen
  • Kitchen Cabinets – Trash & Recycling Solutions
    Modern kitchen designs will almost always account for under counter trash and recycling disposal. This is usually done with an under counter pull-out waste system that contains dual trash and recycle containers located in a single cabinet close to the dishwasher and food prep area. If space allows, some kitchen owners have a preference for separate trash and recycle containers in different cabinets. You simply slide the unit out by hand and toss in the trash. Or one can also install a foot pedal release… Read More »Kitchen Cabinets – Trash & Recycling Solutions
  • Kitchen Cabinets – New Solutions for Blind Corners
    Almost every kitchen will have at least one blind corner cabinet. This is just the nature of the space. But they are a cook’s nightmare. They are where the sun don’t shine. They are where long unused kitchen utensils languish. They are deep, dark and hard to get at. Old time solutions to blind corners included: Simply blocking the corner off and not having any cabinetry there, a huge waste of space. The classic bind corner cabinet itself, which was available for storage but inaccessible… Read More »Kitchen Cabinets – New Solutions for Blind Corners
  • Appliance Garages – Clearing Kitchen Counter Clutter
    An appliance garage is a customized countertop compartment within the kitchen cabinetry design that can come in many different configurations. Its purpose is to contain and conceal large kitchen appliances. They are a relatively new phenomenon. In times past kitchens would feature a battery of appliances competing for counter space near an electrical outlet. These would be a coffee maker, tea maker, microwave, toaster, mixer or food processor. They took up a great deal of physical space, looked disorganized and had to be moved around… Read More »Appliance Garages – Clearing Kitchen Counter Clutter
  • Concealed Cabinet Pulls with C- Channels and J- Channels
    If your choice of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry style is modern and minimalist, a natural selection for cabinet pulls would be the concealed C- and J- Channel. These European inspired innovations are built into the box behind the door and drawer facades. They allow one to open doors and drawers simply by sliding one’s fingertips into the channel and pulling the cabinet door or drawer open from behind. C- and J- Channels obviate the need for visually distracting hardware pulls or knobs mounted on the… Read More »Concealed Cabinet Pulls with C- Channels and J- Channels
  • Kitchen Charging Stations
    Beyond food prep, cooking, and cleaning up, the kitchen is the center of many other family activities. These include children’s homework, recipe research, and bill paying. Since all of this now tends to be done online, the kitchen needs to accommodate laptops and other electronic devices together with a means to keep them charged. So a new or remodeled kitchen needs some space designed and dedicated for the purpose. A special charging station, such as in a cabinet drawer or on a designated counter top… Read More »Kitchen Charging Stations
  • Getting Cabinets Handled
    Once you have your cabinets selected, what about the hardware? Choosing hardware is not as simple as you might think. There is a lot to consider and here are some things to think about to make sure you make the right selection out of the vast number of choices available to you. Remember, you will be looking at, touching and feeling the hardware every day for a long time. Knobs or pulls: Knobs are attached to a cabinet door or drawer front with a single… Read More »Getting Cabinets Handled
  • Pull Down Spice Rack from Dropout Cabinetry
    Another innovation from the folk at DropOut Cabinetry. All your spices tucked out of the way and out of site but in easy reach whenever you want them. Go here to the DropOut Cabinetry website and here for a YouTube video of the spice rack in action.
  • Docking Drawer: The In-Drawer Power Outlet
    Click an image to view the Docking Drawer Get control of your electrical clutter with the Docking Drawer. You can get all your cords, chargers, hair dryers, iPhones and iPads etc off your counter tops and out of the way with the Docking Drawer. It comes in a variety of configurations and is UL approved. We took these photos of a demo Docking Drawer at our show room. Come by and check it out in person. Mon – Fri, 8:00 – 5:00. And click here ( to go the… Read More »Docking Drawer: The In-Drawer Power Outlet