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High End Style for Mid Range Kitchens


The heavy duty look, feel and style of a high end Wolf, Viking, Sub-Zero or Thermidor is now coming to mainstream, mid-level appliance brands. These include heavier style handles on the oven and refrigerator and larger knobs for the range. An example of this “Pro Style” look is to be found in Frigidaire’s Professional Collection. You can find it at this link:

The high end look has been popularized by its appearance on luxury home and cooking shows. Consumers were demanding it and the mid range manufacturers have stepped up to oblige.

Meanwhile, somewhat ironically, the high end manufacturers are now adding to their lines a more contemporary and minimalist European look. They are introducing flush mounted appliances with slimmer handles.

The lesson is that consumer tastes are an ever moving target. We at Cabinets of the Desert are aware of this and always strive to bring the latest in cabinetry material and design to our clients.