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Kitchen Cabinetry Checklist

Cabinets of the Desert has produced this Kitchen Cabinetry Checklist. It focuses narrowly on the cabinetry element of a kitchen remodeling project and will help us help you and your interior designer or general contractor in the selection, layout and design of the cabinetry best suited to your purpose.

This bathroom cabinetry checklist should be used in conjunction with the more general bathroom remodeling checklist offered here.

Functional Considerations in Design of Cabinetry for the Kitchen

Please cross refer to the Kitchen Remodeling Checklist. Also consider the Aging in Place suggestions on our website.

  • Utilization of upper & lower cabinets
  • Pullout pantry system in tall, deep, narrow cabinets
  • Pull out options like Rev-a-Shelf
  • Pullout shelves for spices, pots, under the sink
  • Pullout shelves in base cabinets
  • Pull-out chopping block/cutting board
  • Roll out trays
  • Open shelving for (e.g. cookbooks)
  • Where will your paper towel holder be?
  • What will be used for hand soap, dish soap, SOS etc
  • Where will wet dish towels go, dishes that will air dry?
  • Utilization of space above the fridge
  • Deep drawers for dishes
  • Drawer dividers for: Knives, Flatware,  Utensils  Spices
  • Built-in trash/recycle bins
  • Separate Spice storage
  • Vertical cookie sheet platter storage
  • Storage for lids that accompany pots and pans
  • Lazy Susan in corner or pullout shelving (in lieu of Lazy Susan):
  • Pull-up shelf for electric mixer
  • Towel bar
  • Sink front tilt-out trays
  • Tray dividers
  • Spice racks or drawers
  • Wine rack or wine storage
  • Cutting board, serving trays, cookie sheet storage
  • Do you need wheelchair access to your sinks?
  • Desk
  • Laundry area

Aesthetic Considerations in Design of Cabinetry for the Kitchen

Cabinets of the Desert brings to you the many styles of cabinetry and finish offered by Bellmont Cabinets.  

The choice is virtually limitless and beyond the scope of a simple checklist. Please go to for more information.

Related Considerations in Design of Cabinetry for the Kitchen

There are important related considerations to discuss and determine with Cabinets of the Desert and your interior designer/general contractor. These will have an effect on the functional and aesthetic considerations above:

Location of plumbing: Does any of the plumbing (supply lines and waste) need to be moved to accommodate the cabinetry or does the cabinetry need to conform to existing plumbing? Will there be additional plumbing (e.g. for a pot filler faucet)? Does gas supply need to be brought in or relocated? Will there be a new disposal?

Location of electrical: Does any of the wiring (including outlets and GFI) need to be moved to accommodate the cabinetry or does the cabinetry need to conform to existing electrical? There will be general lighting. Will there also be task lighting, under cabinet lighting, over cabinet lighting, in cabinet lighting etc? Computer/phone charging station? Location of switches. Hiding or placement of outlets in cabinets/island/drawer.

Possible installation of island: Any island will require an electrical outlet. Consider pendant lighting over island. Cooktop in island? Sink in island? Wine cooler in island?

Possible relocation of window(s): Will this be necessary? Consider skylight, solar tube.

Selection and location of equipment & appliances: sink (double or single bowl, second sink, depth of sink), disposal, range (gas or electric), range exhaust (down draft or up draft), range hood, microwave, cook top (gas or electric), oven/double oven, warming drawer, refrigerator (built-in, standard, freezer (side by side, top/bottom, separate units), refrigerator drawers, ice maker, dish washer, dishwasher drawers,  trash compactor, wine cooler. Will any of them have decorative cabinetry fronts? Appliance dimensions are critical to cabinet layout and design. TV location?

Selection of counter tops: Material (laminate, granite, quartz, tile, etc.);  color; style; edge treatment (self edge, wrap edge, edge shape)

Selection of kitchen sink: Under-mount or drop in? What size? Will there be a separate veggie prep sink, island sink? What color? Choice will depend on type of countertop selected. Cabinetry needs to be tailored to sink size.

Selection of backsplash: Wall treatment between lower and upper cabinets. Will this be wallpaper, paint, tile, or same material as counter top?

Selection of plumbing fixtures: There are aesthetic and functional factors in the selection of faucets for the sink(s). Need to coordinate with cabinet hardware.

Selection of hardware: There are aesthetic and functional factors in the selection of knobs and pulls for the cabinetry. Need to coordinate with plumbing fixtures and appliance fronts. Material (metal, wood, plastic); size (length, diameter); shape; color; finger pull cabinet doors (no hardware)