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Kitchen Cabinets Modern Collection Cabinets of the Desert

Cabinets of the Desert Presents Our Modern Collection

Ultra Modern High-Quality Laminates Fabricated for Us Locally

Owner Ed Pedalino sourced a Southern California cabinet manufacturer to work with some of the leading laminate materials available today.  The Luxe collection by Alvic USA and StyleLight products are both technologically advanced attractive high gloss finish decorative panels that offer excellent physical and mechanical performance.  Read more about these panels below and visit our showroom to see them fabricated into cabinetry and further color samples to imagine the design possibilities. 

As its name suggests, Luxe by Alvic  provides a luxuriously modern look on vertical surfaces in kitchens, baths, or offices. These lacquered surface components have the highest scratch resistance in the industry and a clean, spotless mirror effect. Manufactured in Spain, they are UV stable, anti-bacterial, and durable. Available in a wide range of solid colors, wood grain, textile, and metallics.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Collection Luxe-by-Alvic Cabinets of the Desert
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Collection Stylelite Cabinets of the Desert

StyleLite Acrylic Panels are manufactured in Australia and are available in an ultra high gloss or matte finish with incredible color consistency and surface smoothness.  They are guaranteed to not delaminate around heat producing sources and also boast a high resistance to chipping and cracking as well as repairable gloss surfaces. Available in a diverse range of solid colors and special patterns with identical matching laminates in all colors and finishes. 

Additional modern material choices include Shinnoki prefinished wood veneer panels (shown in the photo).  Shinnoki is known for photographic veneers that provide an uninterrupted visual look and color consistency.  Interni Cucine provides high-tech, beautifully textured laminate panels with an Italian Flair and a sophisticated color palette.  And, manufacturer Cleaf offers fashionable, textures and decorative surfaces in a hard-wearing laminate. 

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Collection Shinooki Cabinets of the Desert