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Kitchen Cabinets – New Solutions for Blind Corners   

Blind Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan Cabinets of the Desert

What is a Blind Corner Kitchen Cabinet?

Almost every kitchen will have at least one blind corner cabinet. Blind corners are created at the L where two lines of kitchen cabinets meet. They usually only have one entry door, but they are double the depth. As a result, they are deep, dark, and hard to get into. On the plus side, that extra depth makes blind corner cabinets the perfect place to store larger pots and appliances or can function as a pantry with the proper storage insert. Solutions used to include:

  • Simply blocking the corner off and not having any cabinetry there-a huge waste of space.
  • A classic, deep blind corner cabinet with one shelf-good for storage, but inaccessible and virtually impossible to use.
  • A floor-mounted Lazy Susan-which only partially utilized the available space.

What Can You Do with a Blind Corner Cabinet? 

You have two main options to efficiently utilize the otherwise dead space created by a blind corner cabinet. You can choose a Lazy Susan insert or specialized blind corner organizers. A Lazy Susan comes in several configurations but is mainly characterized by its circular or semi-circular shape. The only disadvantage of using a Lazy Susan is that you don’t get to use the corners of your cabinets for storage. One advantage of using a Lazy Susan insert is the ability to spin it to place what you need right in front of you. You can select three mounting types to use all the available space in a blind corner – floor-mounted, side, or door-mounted, like the half-moon version in our photo. Lazy Susan inserts are also the more cost-effective choice. 

Blind Corner Cabinet Half Moon Lazy Susan
Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions Cabinets of the Desert

More Blind Corner Cabinet Solutions

Specialized corner cabinet organizers have gotten sophisticated. You can choose pull-out trays, swinging pull-outs, and inter-locking pull-out inserts. These solutions can be more expensive. Work with your kitchen designer to review what you need to organize and store. They can help you pick the right blind corner solution for your kitchen. Check out the Rev-A-Shelf and Hafele specialty storage sites to get some ideas about what is available.

You can also watch this YouTube video of the Hafele Magic Corner II to see an especially attractive solution.

Finally, come by our showroom and check out the storage wall to see a great example of a Lazy Susan blind corner cabinet application.