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Kitchen Cabinets – New Solutions for Blind Corners


Almost every kitchen will have at least one blind corner cabinet. This is just the nature of the space. But they are a cook’s nightmare. They are where the sun don’t shine. They are where long unused kitchen utensils languish. They are deep, dark and hard to get at.

Old time solutions to blind corners included:

  • Simply blocking the corner off and not having any cabinetry there, a huge waste of space.
  • The classic bind corner cabinet itself, which was available for storage but inaccessible and virtually impossible to use.
  • A lazy susan, which is better than no organization at all but only partially used the space available.

The lazy susan comes in a number of configurations but is mainly characterized by its circular or semi circular shape. The first photo in our slide show is a semi-circular lazy susan available from Rev-A-Shelf.

Next is the Le Mans corner pull-out available from Hafele. It gets its name from the shape of the race track in France.

This is followed by the Blind Corner Optimizer available from Rev-A-Shelf

Last but not least are the Magic Corner 1 and Magic Corner 2 both available from Hafele.

The Magic Corner 2 is probably the ultimate to date in optimizing blind corner space. Check out this video:

Visit Hafele’s home page here: . Rev-A-Shelf’s home page is here:

Of course, before you get this kind of equipment, you need a blind corner to put it in.