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Kitchen Cabinets-Pull Out Storage Solutions

Pull Out Pantry Storage Cabinets of the Desert

Pull Out Pantry Storage Solutions

These days, kitchen cabinetry innovations include the cabinets’ interior storage capacity too. For example, if you do not have the space for a walk-in pantry, we now have ways for you to simulate a pantry by putting its contents in pull out racks. In fact, in a way, you get a better result. They certainly make better and more accessible use of the cabinet space than traditional shelves. You can work with your kitchen designer to determine placement for pull out pantry shelving inserts. Usually, they are located next to the main cooking area or the refrigerator. The above example is from our partners at Bellmont Cabinet Company.

Pull Out Kitchen Storage Drawer Inserts 

You can choose from several customizable base cabinet drawer inserts too. This insert can store pots, pans, and their lids. Now you don’t have to bend down to wrestle the pot you want out of the back of a lower cupboard. In addition, there are drawer inserts for knives and utensils, baking and cookware, and even spice and oil storage next to the stove. This example is from a premium maker of cabinet inserts, Rev-A-Shelf. 

Kitchen Storage Drawer Inserts Cabinets of the Desert
Pull Out Tray Appliance Garage

Other Kitchen Pull Out Storage Solutions

In addition to vertical pantry shelves and drawer inserts, pull-outs come in many different configurations. Tray shelves are another excellent choice for easy-to-access internal cabinet storage, like the U-shaped kitchen under-sink version shown here. Pull-out versions for the bath vanity also help remove the frustration of finding things in the back of a deep cabinet. 

Come by our showroom to check out these and dozens of other storage insert options in person.