Kitchen Cabinets – Pull Out Storage Solutions

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Kitchen Cabinets – Pull Out Storage Solutions

These days, innovations in kitchen cabinetry are more to do with how the space inside the cabinets is used than the cabinets themselves.

For example, if you do not have the space for a walk-in pantry, we now have ways for you to simulate a pantry by putting its contents in pull out racks. In fact, in a way you get a better result. They certainly make better and more accessible use of the cabinet space than traditional shelves. You can even put a pull-out in the toe kick space (see one of the images above).

Pull-outs come in many different configurations. Cabinets of the Desert will typically utilize Rev.A.Shelf products in its kitchen storage solutions. Please go to these Rev.A.Shelf links for more:

For base cabinet pull-outs

For under sink pull-outs

For cabinet pull-outs generally:

Come to our showroom and ask us how Cabinets of the Desert can solve your kitchen storage problems in new quality cabinetry from:

Ovation Cabinetry

Executive Cabinetry

Bellmont Cabinets

Envoy Cabinetry

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