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Sollera Fine Cabinetry Cabinets of the Desert

Cabinets of the Desert presents Sollera Fine Cabinetry 

Known for Cabinetry Craftsmanship and Fine Details 

Sollera Fine Cabinetry, based in a small city in southern British Columbia, produces some of the finest cabinetry on the market today. Many of their craftsmen have been with the company for over 20 years, and some for over 40 years. Additionally, they have a commitment to sustainable practices and producing eco-friendly cabinetry.  Their line is divided into Classic, Transitional, and International styles. 

Sollera Fine Kitchen Cabinetry Traditional Cabinets of the Desert

The traditional style represented in Sollera’s Classic Collection is where this cabinet manufacturer really shines in our opinion. Their traditional cabinets feature classic designs, rich colors, and symmetrical lines. You will find furniture-grade details like raised center door panels, arches, and exotic fine wood veneers in this line.  

Sollera Fine Kitchen Cabinetry Transitional Cabinets of the Desert

Sollera Fine Cabinetry’s Transitional Collection represents a balance between traditional and contemporary kitchen cabinet styles.  Simpler, sleeker designs- including 5-panel Shaker doors- can be finished with a warm, traditional finishes to create a unique, fresh look. 

Sollera Fine Kitchen Cabinetry Contemporary Cabinets of the Desert

The International Collection highlights Sollera’s versatility and includes European-style single slab panel doors in a variety of natural and sleek finishes.  Laminates using their Thermal Fused Laminate process can be specified in glossy, textured, or sophisticated matte finishes.