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Kitchen Cabinets – Trash & Recycling Solutions


Modern kitchen designs will almost always account for under counter trash and recycling disposal. This is usually done with an under counter pull-out waste system that contains dual trash and recycle containers located in a single cabinet close to the dishwasher and food prep area. If space allows, some kitchen owners have a preference for separate trash and recycle containers in different cabinets.

You simply slide the unit out by hand and toss in the trash. Or one can also install a foot pedal release system. This is perfect if you have difficulty pulling handles or both hands are full.

Depending on the construction of the pull out mechanisms, base cabinet bottom mount arrangements typically accommodate 27, 30 or 35 quart double containers or a 50 quart single container.

Our talented designers at Cabinets of the Desert will be sure to accommodate trash and recycle disposal arrangements in your kitchen. This will be in quality cabinetry from one of our suppliers: