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Kitchen Cabinets – Trash & Recycling Solutions   

Pull Out Trash Solutions Cabinets of the Desert

What are Pull Out Trash Cans?

Modern kitchen designs will account for under-counter trash and recycling disposal. This is usually done with an under-counter pull-out waste system containing dual trash and recycle containers in a single cabinet close to the dishwasher and food prep area. However, some kitchen owners prefer separate trash and recycle containers in different cabinets if space allows. You slide the unit out by hand and toss in the garbage. Or one can also install a foot pedal release system. This is perfect if you have difficulty pulling handles or both hands are full.

What Size Cabinet Do You Need to Install a Pull Out Trash Can? 

Most pull out trash systems are installed in 18-inch-wide cabinets. However, dual trash (rubbish + recycle) can systems work in other standard base cabinet widths. These cabinet widths include 15”, 21”, and 24”. You can also find single bin systems that work in a 12” or 15” base cabinet, like the under-sink kitchen installation in the photo.

Depending on the construction of the pull out mechanisms, base cabinet bottom mount arrangements typically accommodate 27, 30, or 35-quart double containers or a 50-quart single container.

Under Sink Trash Can
Kitchen Pull Out Waste Systems Cabinets of the Desert

What Are Your Pull Out Waste System Options?

Talk to your kitchen designer to choose which pull out waste installation will work best for you. Do you want a larger or smaller unit? A lid or a compost option? Plastic, wood, or stainless-steel fixtures? Do you need odor-reducing treatments? 

One of the leading manufacturers we specified is Rev-A-Shelf – their YouTube Channel has a channel on their available pull out trash options.

Stop by our showroom to see and try out an under-counter trash system in place.