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Kitchen Charging Stations

Create a Clutter Free Kitchen with a Charging Station

Beyond food prep, cooking, and cleaning up, the kitchen is the center of many other family activities. These include children’s homework, recipe research, and bill paying. Since all of this now tends to be done online, the kitchen needs to accommodate laptops and other electronic devices together with a means to keep them charged.

Many of us are familiar with the set-up of our Before picture at left. Corralling all the phones in tech in one corner of the counter is one solution. But, a new or remodeled kitchen needs some space designed and dedicated for the purpose. A special charging station, such as in a cabinet drawer, is the answer. Our favorite, and the one we recommend to our clients, is the Docking Drawer.

Tech Gadget Storage Drawers for your Kitchen

You can ask your kitchen designer to incorporate a Docking Drawer device in any kitchen drawer. If there is a kitchen desk area, that would be the most obvious placement, but near the main kitchen entry or a kitchen island cabinet drawer where work and homework are done regularly would be good choices too. The Docking Drawer website has dozens of visuals to inspire your kitchen design. You can also come by our showroom to see the Docking Drawer in person. 

kitchen charging station cabinets of the desert
Kitchen Docking Drawer Appliances Cabinets of the Desert

Beyond Charging Tech-Appliance Storage with Power

Now that you have some inspiration for organizing your electronics in a dedicated and out-of-sight kitchen charging station, you can also consider your main small kitchen appliances. The Docking Drawer device can be fitted in a pantry, a lower cabinet, or an appliance garage.

Remodeling your kitchen is the perfect time to take an inventory of what tech and appliances you use daily. Cabinets of the Desert can help you design kitchen organization solutions that increase functionality and design.