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Kitchen Check List – Wish List

This Kitchen Check List – Wish List is supplemental to our Remodel Check List – Wish List. And, again, it is all about you. Please use it as a tool to generate your own ideas as to how your new kitchen should look and perform. The list was developed by the principals at Cabinets of the Desert when they were remodeling contractors.

Off the top of your head, what are the three topics that come immediately to mind when you think of your kitchen remodel?

Please highlight or circle words in the text that get a reaction either positively or negatively. Please add comment in the margin.


Do you like family and guests welcomed into the kitchen (to help, to visit) or nearby or separated from the kitchen?

Do you want others to be able to cook / prep food at the same time? Additional work triangle?

Is the primary cook left-handed or right-handed?

Does the cook have special needs (height, disabilities, etc)?

Do you retain caterers to prepare, serve and clean up meals for entertainment?

Do you want family members/guests to eat at a kitchen table or kitchen counter or in a separate dining room or family room? Do small children need to be considered?

Do you want the dining room formal or informal? Dining for how many people?

Do you want the kitchen separate from or integrated into the family room/dining room?

Is your cooking style down home or gourmet? Do you bake?

Type of food prep? daily heat & serve; weekend family meals; weekend quantity cooking; socializing; daily full course

Are there secondary activities/amenities you would want incorporated in the kitchen planning?

For example: computer work station / desk, eating, walk-in pantry, wet bar, wine storage, kids’ projects / homework, laundry, growing plants, hobbies, study, TV/radio, ironing, sewing, telephone, cell phone charger, other


Have you considered changing the location of doors and windows?

Does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like?

Should partition walls be removed / altered?

Should the ceiling be lowered / raised?

Are the views from the kitchen to the interior and exterior where you want them?

Do you want to make structural changes? Move / eliminate partitions / make part of great room effect / bring in greater light / greater feeling of space.

Should the sink or appliances be relocated?

Island or kitchen table? Additional work surfaces / work triangle?


Desired equipment to incorporate. Please highlight or circle:

Disposal, microwave, trash compactor, icemaker, dishwasher, separate cooktop (gas, electric, dual), (exhaust downdraft, updraft), Oven/cooktop combination (range), double ovens, convection oven, refrigerator (what size?): built-in, standard, freezer (side-by-side, top/bottom, separate units), double bowl sink or single sink, second sink, depth of sink, separate pot filler faucet, instant hot, architectural type stove hood, wine cooler, other

Professional or regular grade appliances.


Do you shop in bulk and need extra food or paper product storage? Would you consider utilizing /creating separate storage in the garage?

What cooking equipment needs to be accommodated? pots, pans, utensils, other.

What small appliances need to be accommodated? blender, wok, toaster, coffeemaker, tea maker, can opener, electric fry pan, griddle, crock-pot, food processor, other.

What items need specialized storage? bottles, breadboard, breadbox, cookbooks, cutlery, dishes, display items, glassware, containers, lids, linen, soft drinks, spices, wine, baking equipment, paper products, cleaning supplies, glassware, leftover containers, fruits/vegetables (non-refrigerated), other.

Recycling receptacles? Paper, plastic, glass, cans.  Location? Kitchen, garage, utility room.

Storage facilities to consider:

pantry; countertop; tray storage; towel bar; recycling bins; island; rollout shelves; bottle storage; hostess cart; Lazy Susan; base cabinet; wall cabinet; tall utility cabinet; appliance hutch; bookcase; bulk storage; sink door storage; built In trash basket; warmer drawer; cutlery dividers; divided drawers; extra breadboard; vegetable storage; dough kneading; display Items; linen storage.

Utility Room

This is not strictly part of the kitchen but it is part of the domestic operation, so it should be covered here.

Does the utility room need extra or different storage? Should it accommodate overflow storage from the kitchen? Does it need a utility sink to complement the washer / dryer, fold down ironing board, hampers, hanging /drying racks?


Questions to be addressed:

Does your current kitchen have enough electrical outlets?

Is the electric power supply adequate?

Does gas need to be brought in?

Is there enough light (natural light / electrical light)?

Is the lighting where you want it?

Do you want to add recessed lighting in the ceiling?

Are your light switches located where you need them?

Do you want dimmer switches?

Is ventilation / cooking exhaust adequate?

Would you want to add instant hot water to the kitchen sink? 


What type of style, look or feel would you like the new kitchen space to have? Formal, traditional, family retreat, functional, open, contemporary, country, other.

If you are replacing your cabinets, what type of facing material do you prefer? wood (type); painted; stained; paint or stain wash; laminate; thermofoil?

What cabinet door styles do you prefer? Plain front; Raised panels; Arched panels; Recessed panels; Glass fronts; self-closing doors /drawers?

Preferred countertop material: Corian, granite, quartz, tile, slate, stone, stainless steel, laminate, butcher block, other?

Preferred backsplash: Same as countertop, tile, Corian, stainless steel?

Preferred flooring: tile, stone, wood (hardwood, cork, bamboo), or vinyl?

Preferred Wall Color:

Preferred Ceiling Color:

Colors to avoid:

Preferred sink material: stainless, porcelain, other

Preferred faucet finish: chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, other

Preferred lighting: Pendant lights, recessed, under cabinet, or in cabinet lighting?

Have you made a sketch of your kitchen or collected magazine clippings or other items illustrating your kitchen vision? We suggest