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Kitchen Storage: 3 Smart Ideas


The featured photo above highlights the kitchen storage display at our showroom. We recently remodeled to install dozens of storage options for you to see and try. Every open door and drawer above contains a storage discovery. Come by and give them all a try. Consider our line-up of kitchen storage solutions below as a starting point.


Spice Things Up

Small items like individual spice jars are often the hardest to organize in a kitchen. Also, spices last longer when stored away from light in airtight containers. Traditionally, a counter spice rack, or a lazy susan on the bottom shelf of a cupboard have been used to corral spices. But we like the custom drawer inset located right by the stove, as shown. The drawer insert makes it easy to grab exactly what you need as you are cooking. It also makes it easy to see what you are running out of when making a grocery list.  You can see more of this full kitchen remodel on Houzz.   There is a fantastic variety of custom drawer inserts available today. You can consider a knife block, a docking drawer with a plug for your tech, or even a k-cup holder.


Pin It Down

This custom solution using drawers from Bellmont Cabinet Co. showcases two excellent kitchen storage solutions. The utensil drawer is large enough to lay all the tools out like artwork – ready to be grabbed while cooking. And just below a custom peg system keeps pots and lids stacked in perfect order. Using pull out drawers for pot storage is a great solution – no more bending down and peering into the back of a large dark cupboard for your favorite fry pan.


Pull Out All The Stops

Another simple but smart solution is to install pull-out shelves in your cabinets. You can also stack your drawers internally. If your kitchen doesn’t have room for a designated walk-in pantry, pull out shelves in several cupboards can store everything from cans, jars, cereal, and seasonal linens. Even large specialty appliances can live on the bottom tier. This insert can hold cooking utensils, knives in the specially made block at the back, and regularly used kitchen oils and spices below. Visit our post at  Kitchen Cabinets – Pull Out Storage Solutions to find some additional ideas.

A Place for Everything

One of the most satisfying and useful parts of planning a full kitchen remodel is sitting down with your kitchen designer and walking through how you actually use your kitchen. This is your opportunity to reorganize the layout and choose smart kitchen storage that will work for you every day. Having a place for everything and everything in its place will make time spent on meal prep easier, safer, and more efficient.

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