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Kohler Intelligent Toilets


You’ll Want to Sit for This – A New Generation of Intelligent Toilets

In step with the evolution of countless smart home amenities is a selection of sleek and extraordinary toilets. Yes, toilets. No longer for just the most elite of home owners, but more attainable and ergonomically designed for ultimate cleansing and comfort.
Industry leader Kohler presents its latest line of intelligent, one-piece toilets ranging from $4,000 to over $10,000 in standard and comfort heights with sophisticated flushing technology, touchless features, LED lighting, automatic deodorization and more with minimalist style and unmatched cleansing. What was once a necessary yet least complementary feature of stylish bathrooms and home spas has evolved to a higher level of form and function to match the eye-catching materials and design investments in many of the desert’s most exclusive residences.

Nightlight – Lighted toilet seats by Kohler

No longer separate and alongside standard toilets, bidets are now a more with their adjustable seat temperatures, built-in nightlight, air drying feature and more.
So when searching for clean in the most personal spaces for you, friends and family, look no further than Kohler® and its state-of-the-art toilets that combine comfort, convenience and creativity in seamless toilet designs for generations.
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