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Modern European Kitchen Cabinets by Cleaf

European Kitchen Cabinets Bring Beauty and Function to Your Home

European-style cabinets are a perfect choice for your kitchen design. They balance a clean, chic aesthetic with durable functionality. There are many cabinet door styles to choose from that will suit your contemporary, modern, or transitional style kitchen design. We have created this blog as a guide to some of the most asked questions about choosing European cabinets for your home. You will find a definition, an overview of available materials and finishes, and design ideas for your new kitchen. 

European Kitchen Cabinets 1900 Madrid Sapele French Roast at Cabinets of the Desert

What are European Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchens in Europe are generally made to fit into smaller homes and flats. These more compact spaces mean the primary focus for European kitchens is to make them practical while maintaining aesthetics.

European kitchen designs maximize space in cabinets and have a simple style without decorations or raised panels. This minimalistic design style, paired with a wood or high-gloss finish, can make even a small kitchen design appear spacious.

Key Characteristics of European Cabinetry:

Visually Minimal Style: Matte, high-gloss, or textured finishes, concealed hinges, and simple hardware make for a clean, seamless look. This kitchen cabinet style often features simple slab or panel-style doors.

Frameless design: Modern European-style cabinets mount drawers and doors directly on sturdy base cabinets. This construction style means the entire face of the cabinet can be opened, maximizing storage and access. We have a blog that explains the difference between framed and frameless cabinets if you’d like to know more.

Materials and Finishes Used in European Cabinet Manufacturing

European cabinet designs feature modern material alternatives such as laminate wood grain finishes, acrylics, and high-gloss or super-matte finishes.

These laminates and special finishes are a vast improvement over the original laminate surfaces produced in the 1970s. Our Modern European Collection features laminates and acrylics from the U.S., Italy, Spain, and Australia. All are made to the highest manufacturing standards, with some rated for commercial use. In addition to being easy to maintain, the choice of colors, designs, and finishes is almost limitless.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Collection Luxe-by-Alvic Cabinets of the Desert

Design Ideas for a European-Style Kitchen

A streamlined look and sleek character define European kitchen design. Simple matte or high-gloss white cabinets are a popular choice and can give your kitchen a clean and spacious look. Using laminate panels to incorporate your appliances into the cabinet design adds to the minimalist look. Your color choices include neutrals like white, gray, taupe, and black or bold colors like bright reds, blues, yellows, and oranges.

If your style leans more transitional -i.e., a mix of traditional and modern-classic colors such as navy are available, and laminates that mimic walnut, cherry, or rift-cut oak finishes. We particularly like kitchen designs that use classic white or black cabinetry and then bring a little nature into the mix with a wood-grained laminate on the island. This design gallery on Houzz features hundreds of European-style kitchens to get you started.

Tab Pulls European Cabinetry Cabinets of the Desert

Customizing with Hardware and Accessories

Simple, understated hardware typically highlights the sleek, minimalist European kitchen cabinet styles. Many clients choose a tab or j-channel handle to keep their kitchens visually seamless. Shiny silver, polished brass, brushed bronze, or matte black hardware are also sophisticated choices.

Because European cabinets use frameless construction, concealed soft-close hinges are the most common form of door mechanism. All Cabinet of the Desert manufacturers use top-quality Blum and Salice hinges, glides, and closures.

Benefits of Selecting European Kitchen Cabinets

With their high-end looks and extreme durability, European-style kitchen cabinets are a lifetime investment that can significantly add value to your home. The range of modern manufacturing techniques for these cabinet materials means you can find everything from affordable quality to sophisticated luxury.

We hope this article answered some of your questions about selecting European kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Ready to see some of your options in person?

Stop by our showroom for a complimentary design consultation to get started on the European kitchen of your dreams.