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Modern Kitchens Range Hoods

A Wide Range In Modern Kitchens

Satisfying the weekend gourmet and farm-to-table connoisseurs is the wide range of hoods in today’s chef-friendly kitchens. Patterned as smart as they are eye-catching is a variety of select range hoods to accommodate any particular client and home style. Greasy bacon? Minimize smoke. Burnt on spills? Quick release filters offer easy maintenance, plus more.

Whether cooking breakfast for two or entertaining 10, the Fotile W Pro EMG9030 range hood is designed with a self-adjusting, wing-style surround suction plate that automatically adjusts its height from 3.14” to 4.72” based on the levels of airborne grease and smoke being produced from cooking. Its direct current inverter produces 100,000 rounds per hour that additionally supports Fotile’s latest smoke extraction capacity, and is joined by a three-step purification system with wing-shaped surround suction for condensation filtration, double-layer filtration for contact filtration, and a high-speed centrifuge for efficient filtration, all while performing at a quiet 48 db.


The built-in Chimney Riporre range hood with light from BEST. Includes four-speed infrared touch controls that peek from the bottom of frameless cabinets.

Whereas, Chimney Riporre’s built-in range hood with light from BEST includes four-speed infrared touch controls that are easily accessed from beneath frameless cabinets with the remainder of the unit tucked inside – a notable feature benefit for savvy interior designers that enables them to create their own stunning site lines. External blower options also range from 280-1500 CFM with fast-release grease filters that offer easy maintenance.

Across the Pond, European designed pendant range hoods have been uniquely styled from ceramic and are now showcased by Streamline Hoods. Featured in a hand-painted option or in solid white, black, copper or gold, each includes 400 to 650 CFM motors that are efficiently operated from a remote control. A 20-watt LED brightens the cooking surface with distinct LED color that corresponds to each level of suction speed (i.e., first speed is white, second is blue, third is dark blue and fourth is red).


European designed pendant range hoods have been uniquely styled from ceramic and are now showcased by Streamline Hoods.

Further broadening buyer choices, Shiplap range hoods are featured in Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Pine, Red Oak and Spruce. Ideally paired are Ascension ventilators with stainless steel finishes, push button controls, LED lighting, baffle style filters and internal blower motors. An innovative cabinetry resource, Cabinets of the Desert was formed to be highly responsive to the professional design and installation needs of discerning homeowners. Our collaborative spirit with the Coachella Valley’s premier interior designers, general contractors, realtors and their clients further hones the skills of a dedicated and detail-oriented team to ensure consistent and value-added service on time and on budget. Our healthy and quality crafted cabinets and accessories represent a commitment to superior “front to finish” service that is unmatched.