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    Concealed Cabinet Pulls with C-Channels and J-Channels or Tab Pulls

    J Channel Pull by Alvec Cabinets of the Desert

    Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Hardware Choices

    If you are looking for a modern kitchen cabinet choice, you may have chosen flat panel or European slab door-styled kitchen cabinets. Now you may be wondering what hardware to choose to keep your kitchen looking sleek and visually minimal. Hidden or integrated kitchen cabinet handles are good choices to highlight your modern kitchen design. 

    What Are C-Channel and J-Channel Cabinet Pulls?

    If your choice of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry style is modern and minimalist, a natural selection for cabinet pulls would be the concealed C- and J- Channel. These European-inspired innovations are built into the box behind the door and drawer facades and function as hidden cabinet pulls. They allow you to open doors and drawers simply by sliding your fingertips into the channel and pulling the cabinet door or drawer open from behind.

    C- and J- Channels obviate the need for visually distracting hardware pulls or knobs mounted on the face of doors and drawer fronts. These tend to betray the sleek, minimalist, and European look you want to achieve. By contrast, the C- and J- channels accentuate the rectangular form and linear flow that the modern style of cabinetry design seeks to achieve.

    These channels typically come in brushed or stainless anodized aluminum. However, they can be custom anodized to almost any desired color.

    Invisible Cabinet Pulls
    Cabinet Tab Pulls by Alvec Cabinets of the Desert

    Tab Edge Pull Kitchen Hardware

    Tab cabinet door pulls are usually attached to the upper edge of a cabinet or drawer. This subtle hardware choice makes your cabinet door material the main design statement. In addition, you can choose a matching tab handle color – like white or black- or a metal that pulls in your appliance finish and adds a little bit of visual sparkle.

    You can check out some of the color, finish, and size options for tab pulls at Atlas Hardware. Or feel free to stop by our showroom to see the available C-and J-Channel finishes and a full selection of tab or edge pull kitchen cabinet hardware.