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Trends in Bathroom Fixtures


We feature here in the scrolling images some interesting and stylish innovations in bathroom fixtures.

1 Robern Vanity Cabinet with TV

Here’s how to catch up on the world while shaving or putting on makeup. This two-in-one mirrored cabinet features an 8-inch LCD TV screen tucked into a corner of the door. This unobtrusive placement gives you a clear view of what you are doing and, when the TV is off, a translucent silver covering provides a reflective surface. Robern has all kinds of beautiful stuff:

2 Porcher Floorstanding Vanity

This little vanity from Porcher is both stylish and compact (16” x 16” x 30). It is perfect for a powder room or studio apartment or anywhere you are short on space. Porcher is an American Standards brand:

3 Delta’s Lahara Touch20 Faucet

This Touch20 faucet by Delta allows the user to tap anywhere on the spout or handle to start and stop water flow. The upgraded XT model has a four-inch sensing field that turns the faucet on and off as you enter or exit its range. Here is a link to the Delta site:

4 American Standard Studio Dual-Flush Toilet

High-performance dual flush toilets are part of the latest wave of innovations in green plumbing. American Standard’s Studio dual-flush model is equipped with two settings: the standard 1.6 gallons per flush or a reduced 1.1 gallons per flush (which equates to about 20 percent less water, enough to meet EPA WaterSense guidelines). PowerWash scouring technology scrubs the bowl with every use. For more details go here:

5 Toto Freestanding Bathtub

The tub featured here is part of Toto’s Aimes product suite. It is nearly two feet deep and features an interior lip that makes a perfect perch for your arms. Included are two pillows for the ultimate in a comfortable soak. Here is a link to Toto’s site: